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        Will cashmere sweaters shrink? This cashmere sweater prevents shrinkage!

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        Will cashmere sweaters shrink? This cashmere sweater prevents shrinkage!

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        Cashmere sweater factory cashmere sweater will shrink it [question] many people are now in the care of the cashmere sweater will shrink it. The winter to spring, and autumn is the time to wear cashmere sweater season, so people of cashmere sweater will shrink it is particularly concerned. To really understand the problem. The answer, we first need to understand the structure of cashmere sweater.

        Based on the cashmere goat hair, arrangement of its scales have sweaters close deep, so its felting is very small. And cashmere resources are very scarce, it is also one of the reasons why the price of cashmere sweater sweater than expensive. Simple understanding of cashmere sweater structure after we come back look at the cashmere sweater will shrink it. Many friends through the sweater after reaction it has shrunk, don't know cashmere sweater will also be shrinking. Here is to answer small, generally speaking, is not cashmere sweater shrink. But if you are in the process of washing cashmere sweater, not in accordance with the specifications to be strict, then it might shrink. For example, when using the washing water is too hot, and after washing and hard to twist the surface and inside of the water is reduced, it is likely to shrink.

        In addition to cashmere sweater will shrink it, people care more about the price is cashmere sweater than expensive, so what is the need to pay attention to the place in the process? Small in here is simple to introduce you. Although the cashmere sweater is warm, but it also has many disadvantages, such as it the strength is far better than wool sweater, so we need to wear, must be careful care. Otherwise it is prone to damage or pilling, our choice is the best use close. When participating in outdoor sports, it is best not to wear it, because at the time of the activity will be greatly action this will inevitably, the cashmere sweater broken. These are small for cashmere sweater will shrink it all, cashmere sweater in spring and autumn, is a good choice for women on appearance figure But we also need to pay attention when we dress

        The way to prevent shrinkage is as follows:

        First, the water temperature is best at about 35 degrees, washing cashmere sweater should be gently squeezed by hand, must not hand rub, rub, screw. Never use a washing machine to wash cashmere sweaters.

        Two, cashmere sweater must use neutral detergent, when used, the general water and detergent ratio of 100:3.

        Three, cashmere sweater rinse, slowly add cold water, so that the water temperature gradually dropped to room temperature, and then rinse cashmere sweater.

        Four, cashmere sweater after washing, first hand cashmere sweater, the water pressure out, and then wrapped in dry cloth cashmere sweater, you can also use centrifugal force dehydration machine. Pay attention to cashmere sweater wrapped with a cloth before you put it into the dryer; can not dehydrate too long, can only dehydrate for 2 minutes.

        Five, cashmere sweater washing, dehydration, cashmere sweater should be placed in the ventilation place, airing, not hanging, sun or exposure, so as to avoid cashmere sweater deformation.

        Of course, if the cashmere sweater is too large, you can appropriately increase the temperature of washing to reduce wool sweater, but pay attention to use 45 degrees or so hot water, the temperature can not be too high. After the dried, available in temperature (140 DEG C) steam iron, iron and cashmere sweater left 0.5 ~ 1cm distance, to avoid pressure on it, such as the use of other iron pad must be wet towel.  To ensure the smoothness of the sweater.

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