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        Cashmere sweater manufacturers how to identify cashmere?

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        Cashmere sweater manufacturers how to identify cashmere?

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        The fleece obtained from cashmere goats and fleece goats is a special animal hair and is a valuable textile raw material. The region of Kashmir in Asia used to be a distribution center for cashmere goats to europe. The international market for "Kashmir said the habits of cashmere, cashmere China homonym for"". Cashmere is thin, light, soft, smooth, warm and good outstanding characteristics, mainly used for spinning pure or blended with fine wool, cashmere sweater, cashmere scarf, made of cashmere, cashmere overcoat and other high-grade precious textiles.

        The common development in the alpine region of cashmere goat, body wearing a long thick outer hair, fine fluff inner life, annual spring and summer natural hair scattered. Were common in the season with iron in hair removal catch sheep carding villi. After the initial processing of the hair, impurity removal and carding processing, remove the coarse hair, impurities, dust and other substances, and leave a clean fine villi known as lint free, ordinary cashmere, containing coarse hair rate of less than 0.5%.

        Cashmere sweaters have a thin, deep curl, consisting of scales and layers of leather. There is no wool pulp, coarse hair is mostly hairy pith. Cashmere, scale density 60~70 / mm; fiber diameter is smaller than fine wool. The average diameter of cashmere in China is 14.5 to 16 microns, and that of Iran cashmere is 17.5 to 19 microns, and that of Afghan cashmere is 16.5 to 17.5 microns. Fiber length of 35~45 millimeters, length of about 17 kilometers, stretching length of 3 times the natural length, moisture absorption than wool, good heat retention. The reaction of cashmere to acid, alkali and heat is more sensitive than fine wool. Even under the condition of lower temperature and lower concentration, the damage of cashmere fiber is obvious, especially sensitive to chlorine oxidant.

        Cashmere sweaters produced by cashmere sweaters are made of cashmere as raw materials and knitted. They are the best in sweaters. The popular style is "V" type collar pullover, cardigan, Crewneck pullover. The light and warm, beautiful, gorgeous feeling fine and smooth, comfortable and soft; but because of the short fiber is thin, easy pilling, durability than ordinary wool sweater, cashmere also because of scarce resources, so the price of expensive cashmere sweater

        Spinning is the study of the textile fiber processing cashmere sweater manufacturer into a science of cashmere yarn, cashmere yarn is generally short fiber length ranging from many made by splicing method, as well as by the continuous filament long twisted. In the process of spinning, it is necessary to remove the impurity at first, that is, preliminary processing of raw materials, also called spinning raw materials. Different kinds of raw materials, different kinds and properties of impurities, the processing methods are different from art. The initial raw material processing methods include physical methods (such as gin) and chemical methods (such as hemp degumming, silk scouring method) and the combination of physical and chemical (such as wool washing and peat.)

        Cashmere (Cashmere) is developed in the surface of the cortex in goat, goat hair root mask with a thin layer of fine cashmere, cold winter long, resist cold, spring warming after the scattered, conform to the natural weather, belongs to a rare special animal fiber. The cashmere is very valuable, not only because of the scarcity of production (accounted for only 0.2% of the total output of the world animal fiber), more important is its excellent quality and characteristics, sale in bargain, people think that is the "diamond fiber", "fiber Queen", are all textile raw materials can be applied to the current human comparison therefore, also known as "soft gold". About 70% of the world's cashmere is made in China and is superior in quality to other countries.

        Cashmere is a rare special animal fiber (which is different from sheep wool). It is a valuable textile raw material. It is called "fibrous diamond" and "soft gold" abroad". Because the Kashmir region was distributed to the output of cashmere, Europe in history, so the habit called cashmere as "Kashmir Cashmere)"; Chinese by its homonym for "cashmere".

        Cashmere goats are from the comb to take down one of the villi, cashmere goats produce quality villi was the best, every spring is a goat hair on the occasion, with a special iron comb from goat body grasping hairs, called velvet. Washed cashmere, after carding, remove the raw wool, coarse hair, dead hair and dander obtained after cashmere, known as lint free. Cashmere has three colors: white, green and purple. Among them, white cashmere is the most precious. China's quality standards for lint free products are divided into 5 grades, which are graded according to the content of "sloppy" and "containing impurity" and "length". The grading standards for white cashmere and purple cashmere are also different.

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