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      1. Cashmere

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        Hebei Noble Cashmere Products Co., Ltd.

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        Address: Qinghe Hebei city of Xingtai Province

        China cashmere slogan The Belt and Road national market

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        China cashmere slogan The Belt and Road national market

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        Noble rely on sewing needle out of a small business assets of 24 billion 800 million, with a needle will be all kinds of world-class resources together, win a needle, proud world order with high China treasure as the representative of the brand, we have to re-examine and think about energy needle.

        Then, Erdos naibao attributes and the needle with a needle made of cashmere started, with "warm all over the world for the demands of the China brand, and Shanghai World Expo, and the society, and the world, in the energy form a kind of echo and interaction. This echoes both emotional and interactive, is a logical connection: "everything begins with World Expo, 2010 Shanghai World Expo will create the world's new beginning;" everything begins with the resistance of BOS needle ", the accumulation of 30 years? The power of resistance will also open the treasure of the needle resistant new situation.

        The first 9 months of this year, Baoshan Qinghe cashmere products manufacturers and high exports $132 million, an increase of 17.46%, exports accounted for more than 30% in the same industry, among them, 80% are exported to the countries along the Belt and Road Initiative ". Qinghe cashmere can be called the international market, is engaged in scientific and technological innovation, and actively integrate with the international market, enhance the quality of the results of each county cashmere cashmere enterprises.

        Hebei cashmere sweater manufacturer is a cashmere carding enterprise. It has been the dream of this enterprise to make cashmere into the international market. But each inspection, because of containing cashmere "rough", including the "miscellaneous" content exceed the standard, but not liking. To this end, they began to comb "fine cashmere" technology, process exploration. After six months of hard work, through the original cashmere "sorting", "carding" and packaging and other aspects of the innovation, and finally make the cashmere out of rough only 1/10000, including miscellaneous is also controlled in less than 2/10000. This fine cashmere market, by the domestic and foreign high-end customers, not only becomes a long Lauro Pia Aa, Bill, Jie Niya yarn and other international brand suppliers, but also become the domestic well-known enterprises, sunshine group, the gold suppliers, in the domestic market last year sales of 100 million yuan or more.

        In line with the international market, Qinghe cashmere enterprises are also introducing advanced equipment, the formation of process design team and green environmental protection aspects of the article.

        Hebei Bao cashmere sweater manufacturers cashmere carding, spinning, clothing in one enterprise, previously because of poor equipment, production products can only be sold in the country. In line with the international market, they invested nearly 50 million yuan from Italy, Germany introduced a 8 production line and 5000 woolen spinning equipment, cashmere yarn spun from low to high-end jump, spinning 200 fine yarn. The overall upgrading of the product, making the company became the county's first batch of export European Union qualification of enterprises, products exported to Italy, Britain and other more than 10 countries and regions.

        Set up the process design team, Qinghe County has established a garment technology design center consisting of 12 middle and senior process designers and garment designers. It offers more than 400 fashion styles every year for free. At the same time, the cashmere enterprises have also set up their own clothing design team for the needs of their own export areas, so that cashmere sweater, trousers and skirts become more and more popular in the international market.

        Dyeing pays attention to green environmental protection. Investment of about 8000000 Hebei red too yuan, set up a dyeing workshop, imported from Hongkong, dehydration machines and CNC VAT "high-voltage frequency drying machine" and "tattoo dye" and other advanced equipment, the dyes are imported from Germany, "reactive", does not contain harmful to human body more AZO. Does not contain harmful ingredients such as heavy metal ions and ACX, products sold in Germany, Norway, Austria and other countries, earning $about 18000000.

        The implementation of scientific and technological innovation, on the international market, more and more the Qinghe cashmere enterprises to go abroad, not long ago, the county Zhengda cashmere products company 4 cashmere enterprises have been exported to the EU qualification, so far, the county won the qualification of enterprises reached 56, more and more enterprises cashmere called their brands in "The Belt and Road along market.

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