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        The difference between a sweater and a cashmere sweater consists of the following aspects

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        The difference between a sweater and a cashmere sweater consists of the following aspects

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         cashmere sweater


        The wool sweater weaving wool sweater refers to, but actually "sweater" is now used to refer to the "sweater" or "hair knitwear". Knitwear is mainly used in the wool, cashmere, rabbit hair and other animal hair fiber as the main raw material after the yarn woven into the fabric, such as Angora sweater, Xuelan sweater, lamb's wool sweater, acrylic sweater and so on are "sweater" big family.


        Cashmere sweaters produced by cashmere sweaters are made of cashmere as raw materials and knitted. They are the best in sweaters. The popular style is "V" type collar pullover, cardigan, Crewneck pullover. The light and warm, beautiful, gorgeous feeling fine and smooth, comfortable and soft; but because of the short fiber is thin, easy pilling, durability than ordinary wool sweater, cashmere also because of scarce resources, so the price of expensive cashmere sweater.

        1 cashmere sweaters are made of cashmere and cashmere is grown only on goats. Wool is the raw material used in sweaters, and wool on sheep is called wool;

        2, the cashmere fiber is hollow, forming a vacuum insulation layer is similar to the principle of air thermos, blocking the cold air, so it has the super warm cashmere sweater, and thin; wool sweater is solid, heat preservation effect is slightly worse;

        3, cashmere sweater for hand washing, use 35 degrees or so warm water. Really want to wash it, must be wrapped with a net; wool sweater is no limit;

        4, cashmere sweater airing should be tiled, dry in the shade; wool sweater can be directly dried;

        5, cashmere sweater more easily because of pilling, cashmere fiber end long forked parts, like barbs, this also determines the characteristics of cashmere if long time tangled friction would make easy pilling together; wool is not easy pilling.

        As for the difference between sweaters and sweater, sweaters if use is synthetic, by burning method can separate the obvious area, wool protein burning smell, like human hair, burning ashes after burning and fine ash; chemical fiber protein and no smell, and combustion condenses into clusters.

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