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        Cashmere sweater how to wash, how to properly maintain cashmere?

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        Cashmere sweater how to wash, how to properly maintain cashmere?

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        When we have a lovely cashmere sweater factory production of cashmere sweater, cashmere sweater will be very worried about how to wash and maintenance, we usually have two choices one is sent to wash the store, another is to hand wash. Now I will teach you some cashmere sweater cleaning knowledge, and I hope it will help you in your life.

        1, cashmere cashmere products manufacturers to massage the stolen goods, the neutral detergent (shampoo, meal, wash cashmere detergent can be poured into the warm water about 30 degrees Celsius), the lotion evenly, then add clothing, pat massage cashmere products; if not wash off the dirt, should be promptly sent to the cleaners special treatment and washing.

        2, and then, in 40 degrees or so warm water cleaning several times, until cleaning. Add a little vinegar or softener to the fresh water. It is better to put the washed cashmere products into the cloth bag or washing machine for 1-2 minutes.

        3, and finally the cashmere products tile, with 120 degrees -140 degrees Celsius steam iron ironing, iron can not directly contact cashmere products. Cashmere products can be tiled and dried.

        Tips: because the surface of cashmere fiber is made up of many scales, once the washing machine is used to wash cashmere products, it will make the cashmere products felt and destroy the good performance of cashmere products. Therefore, cashmere products can not be washed with a washing machine, it is best dry cleaning, hand washing can also be.

        How to collect cashmere products?

        1, cashmere products should pay attention to keeping clean when wearing. Cashmere underwear often gently folded, get rid of the dust, the cashmere coat fur electrostatic brush down feather direction gently brush, you can remove the dust, and latent destruction also can prevent moths, and can make the plush Shun fu. In addition, cashmere products stained with stains should be promptly washed.

        2, through the cashmere products due to seasonal storage needs, must be washed, ironed, dried and then save, this can reduce the conditions and scope of mold borer activity and insecticidal sterilization.

        3, cashmere products can be folded when stored, sealed with plastic bags, flat in the wardrobe, jacket to be put on a plastic bag, hung in the wardrobe.

        4, storage of cashmere products should pay attention to shading, in order to prevent leg color, should often ventilation, cool, beat dust, to damp, and can not be exposed. If it's dry, let it cool and put it in the closet. At the same time, around the wardrobe into mildew, anti worm tablets, so as to avoid cashmere products affected by moisture, mildew, insects.

        Tips: storage note prohibited moth, moth proofing agent in direct contact with the cashmere sweaters.

        Cashmere sweater how to wash, teach you how to properly maintain cashmere?

        Dress attention:

        1, when inside, and its matching coat, lining is best smooth, not too rough, hard, inside the bag do not pack hard objects and inserted pen, Ben, wallet, etc., so as to avoid partial friction pilling.

        2, wear as much as possible to reduce the friction and hard drag.

        3, wear time should not be too long, ten days or so pay attention to intermittent, so that it can restore resilience, so as not to fiber fatigue.

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