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        Do cashmere sweaters look cheap?

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        Do cashmere sweaters look cheap?

        Release date:2020-04-22 Author: Clicks:

         cashmere sweaters

        So, is the thinner cashmere sweater cheaper?

        After all, cashmere products used by thin cashmere sweaters can be less expensive than cashmere sweaters

        So, what's the actual situation?

        Do cashmere sweaters look cheap?

        A lot of people who don't know about cashmere fabrics often fall into a misconception that the thicker ones are cheaper and the thinner are cheaper.

        Indeed, a thin cashmere sweater and a thick section of cashmere sweater, their price is very different, usually more than half the difference.

        But the difference is that a thin section of expensive than half thick section.

        So why is the cashmere sweater more expensive?

        Thin pieces of cashmere cashmere higher requirements

        Compared with the thick cashmere sweater, the thin cashmere sweater is more light, exquisite and breathable. In ensuring these characteristics, it also needs to take care of the effect of keeping warm. And this effect is not achieved by less lint.

        In contrast, the thin cashmere wool cashmere cashmere quality requirements higher, only the top cashmere fiber in order to produce a thin as a T-shirt cashmere products.

        Do cashmere sweaters look cheap?

        The thinner yarns are thinner and more precious

        In the case of the same amount of cashmere, the thin cashmere yarns are much thinner than the ordinary ones.

        In fact, the weaving of high count cashmere yarn, the born from February to April of the following year old Alpas goat cashmere shoulder and side of the body, the average particle size below 14.5um, the length is more than 36mm, very precious.

        Do cashmere sweaters look cheap?

        Thin section process is special, making rate is low, cost is high

        Most of the time, the more thin cashmere price rather than the thickness of the cashmere is expensive, it is because the thin cashmere is loosely woven cashmere, worsted cashmere, cashmere ring or silk cashmere fabric in the Pierre, not only high requirements for raw materials, and special technology that made the low rate, high cost.

        In such high demand, only a thin cashmere soft, refreshing and smooth, make rational thin cashmere expensive.

        Dog Days of Summer

        Bao cashmere sweater manufacturer produces a light, delicate, breathable cashmere sweater is a good choice

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